PorcelainDoll has disbanded.

February 3rd, 2012 + 11:02 AM  ·  PorcelainDoll

Music will always be my hobby of choice, and not being able to do any for a while has made me realise how important it is to me. I don't care about getting anywhere, I've never persued it in that way...But I now know that I need to carry on, for my own sanity! Everyone needs a hobby, I just wish I could've picked a less expensive one, as I will never have the means to buy new tools...but I gave my musician friend who was thinking of giving up some very important advice the other week...Music is not something you choose, it chooses you. If you answer the call and take those first steps like I did when I was 16, its there forever. You might be able to put it on hold for a while... months, years even, but it will always be there in the back of your mind. You can't leave it alone, no matter how hard you try. I can't anyway!

After having an extremely long break from BandAmp and making music in general I am about to make a fresh start, and draw a line under PorcelainDoll. I will miss her but I'm 23 next June, and thats far too old to be playing with dolls.
We've been through a long journey together that never would have started at all if it wasn't for the brilliant supportive members of BandAmp!
Thankyou for all your kind words, constructive criticism and general optimism! Its amazing that so many people have been with me on this journey, you guys have pretty much seen (or heard) me grow up!

I've learnt alot with PD, and it feels like I've learnt even more whilst not making music. I've met a couple of musicians who have given me tons of advice, I've been through a fair amount of 'life stuff',  I've listened to lots of music and let my mind go in lots of different directions... so I actually have no idea what kind of stuff I'm going to come out with next. It might sound exactly the same as it did before, I might not have learnt as much as I think I have...I'll just have to wait and see. For now though, its goodbye from the Doll, but I will be back one day, with an older head, more involved in the amp, just under a different guise!!! Goodbye, Farewell, See you soon!!
February 15th, 2012 + 3:02 AM  ·  TritonKeyboarder

Your music was one of the first tracks I listened to when I joined BandAMP. Since then I am listening to your music very often. I can comprehend where you are going through. Call it a creative break. You're right, one cannot shake off one's musical mind. And you can be sure that Bandamp will welcome you again no matter what your nickname is then. It's the person behind the nick and that'll be the same one for ever.

I am curious........

Goodbye PorcelainDoll
May 8th, 2013 + 6:05 PM  ·  PuppetXeno

Not sure whether you will be notified of this message at all, but just for the record,

You have an amazing talent, and you acknowledge that. You have an experimental mind, and your creativity is unstoppable. Seeking patterns across waves that don't always have to land, you know the sea is endless. From my perspective, I'm sure you'll show up somewhere sooner or later!

You are one of the few and the first artist I've made a specific track list of in my itunes library. I've even had the priviledge of doing a collaboration effort with you, although that was mostly accidental.

I wish you the best, and I do look forward to coming across you again somewhere in the future.


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